About Us

Our team has created applications for the Apple Store, Google Play and Huawei Store.

You can see some projects in our portfolio, or in AppStore and GooglePlay

From inception, through app conception, prototyping, launch and post-launch support, every stage is very important to us.
We create engaging and quality science-based games, simulation games and immersive reality solutions.


Develop games and applications with scientific and simulation content to transmit knowledge and serve as scientific dissemination for the understanding of different natural physical phenomena and other transcendent adventures of man such as travel to space.


Be a company of international prestige with recognition and experience in the development of software and simulators for different types of engineering requirements.

CEO - Renzo Macedo

I'm a mechanical electrical engineer, a specialist in oil and gas reservoirs with great passion for understanding the physical phenomena that govern the behavior of everything that exists on our planet and in the universe and that can be represented by mathematical models.

Our artists and game developers have extensive hands-on experience in creating engaging mobile applications.