Car Engine & Jet Turbine - Internal Combustion

This App has two animated combustion engines: Car Engine and Jet turbine both with transparent mode Car Engine: is an animated exact model of classic inline four-cylinder 16 valve internal combustion car engine. It includes all the parts real engine has and shows how they work together. Jet Turbine: is an animated Military rotative turbine, showing rpincipal parts. -Acceleration mode -4 tuning kits included -Greate performance -Transparent mode -Rotate View -Simple using


John Inkenbrandt
Neat app as far as it goes. A nice update would show fuel going into cylinders and spark plugs firing. Air going in, exhaust coming out. Maybe dhow excessive acceleration to point of engine failure Same for the jet engine. Show igniters and fuel operation. Show how nozzles work. In general, just more and finer details. But still, pretty good for a starter.
chikki chikki
It was superb but please add full working model of car & explain the principle of 4 stroke engine & also add the clutch, rotary bevel gears, & add working of steering gear mechanism in this app ( simply take the whole working model of automobile ) plzz update as soon as possible
Miles Peterson
Good game! But you should make different types of jet turbines. 4 star! It's a good game please instal it!