Space Blue Launch Rocket

In this game simulator, you will have to launch a rocket, deploy the orbital capsule and land vertically again, then you will have to orbit the earth to approach the atmosphere again for reentry and finally open the parachutes. This simulator based on the real history of Shepard Rocket called NS-13 made by Jeff Bezos and his company Blue Origin, successfully launched its New Shepard rocket on an uncrewed test flight over West Texas (Oct. 13 - 2020). The uncrewed New Shepard launch vehicle, which consists of a reusable rocket and space capsule, lifted off from the company's West Texas launch facility. After separating from the rocket booster, the capsule gently parachuted back down to Earth while the booster executed a flawless vertical landing. Exclusive Features : - Highly detailed realistic 3D design - Logical rocket principles and orbital mechanics - Experience the unique thrill of landing. - Indescribable atmosphere


BrandonLand Gaming
It's a good game but I could use more updates it doesn't have enough
Md Junaid Gazi
It's so easy😎
Melody O.
I love the game i love rockets